Diamond Youth

written May 2024

I know they have a song with over 1 million listens on Spotify so feel free to just disregard this article on that lmao, but they have only like 3k monthly listeners on spotify and thats wild to me

k, with that out of the way, Diamond Youth was an alt. rock/power pop group from Maryland active from 2010-2015. They created 4 EPs, one single, and one album in just 5 years. They split shortly after releasing their album Nothing Matters, the bassist and one of the drummers moving on to play in the band Turnstile, and they’re still making music today and have seen lots of success so thats epic asf

TOP 5:

  1. Lola
  2. Sunburn
  3. Orange
  4. Fix of Mine
  5. In The Clouds

This band feels a bit reminiscent of The Killers to me, but I also hear a bit of 90s rock in there too. I love how poppy and summer-y the riffs and vocals sound while also having that gritty edge. One thing I will say is a lot of their riffs and songs start to sound a bit samey if you’re binge listening to their whole discography like I do for this but thats ok lol. honestly their best songs are when they change it up, so I tried to include a lot of those in the top 5 xD if you were going to listen to one of their EPs, I’d recommend Orange. I found the CD at the thrift store and it goes so hard, i love it. You can find them on Bandcamp, Spotify, and YouTube!


written Apr. 2024

Unimagined is a band with a very short history. The six-person theatrical metal group produced only one EP, titled Friendless, containing 5 absolute bangers. Unfortunately, they broke up shortly after creating it on February 1st, 2020, after performing one last show at their hometown. A few of the band’s members went on to other musical pursuits, including their vocalist/guitarist going on tour with The Funeral Portrait and their bassist starting a new band, White Rose (who I might write abt here l8r XD).

TOP 5:

  1. To Dead Too Dance
  2. She Was Scared of Storms
  3. Lemons & Sodomy
  4. Friendless.
  5. Something Borrowed, Something Blue

I take back anything I’ve said about a hardest top 5, this one was it. Plz just listen to all of these (begging). The clean vocals compliment the screams perfectly, the riffs go crazy, and the melodies are so original! They fit right in with screamo bands of the 2000s, a bit reminiscent of Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens in particular. I have listened to this EP so many times because it really is THAT good! The theatrical twist adds a lot. Like omg the DRAMA in these songs?? Goes crazy. Anyways this top 5 probably changes every day for me because all these songs are the best. Check them out on Spotify and YouTube!

Hey, ILY

written Apr. 2024

Hey, ILY is a band with influences from 2000s emo, shoegaze, and 8-bit video game sounds. Even though it seems like just another group of friends coming together to make a band, they hold a lot of unique talent. Having one full album and a slew of singles and EPs, this band will shift from genre to genre, but every time they make something amazing. I tried to feature a mix of everything in my top 5. X3

TOP 5:

  1. Human! (esp with it’s following track, Shutting Down)
  2. Friend Group From Hell
  3. Machine?
  4. DigitalLung.EXE
  5. Stress Headache!

Often blending genres even within a single song, a chiptune beat will have a hardcore-style breakdown and an emo type sound will be interrupted by synth and tropical steel drum. You would think this would be weird or disorienting, but it works EVERY TIME?! Even if you don’t like the music I like, this band might have smthn for you anyways! They are available on Spotify and Bandcamp!

The Lazarus Plot

written Dec. 2023

From 1998 to 2000, the Illinois emo-hardcore band known as The Lazarus Plot (Laura Laurent, Kenny Rasmussen, Mark Newton, and Simon Czerwinskyj) would release a total of only 11 heartfelt songs, spanning across 2 singles, an EP, and a small self-titled album. The vinyl sleeve, made of spare cardboard, pictures the singer’s grandfather. Though nobody seems to know for certain what happened to the band, their songs are still enjoyed today thanks to the sparse physical media and archivists on YouTube.

TOP 5:

  1. Ending Time
  2. Asleep/Awake
  3. Friday The Thirteenth
  4. Unmarked
  5. Something Good Has Got to Come Out of All These Goodbyes

Between their powerful, emotionally charged vocals and poetic lyrics, The Lazarus Plot is a truly unique band whose style I’ve yet to see fully replicated. If you were to comb through their songs, I’d recommend starting with their self-titled album. Unfortunately the vinyls and other physical media are hard to come by due to how small of a production it was. The band is also not available on Spotify, but their discography is readily available on YouTube, albeit not in the highest audio quality, though I find that adds to the charm.

Capital City

written Dec. 2023

This folk-inspired Boston acoustic rock band was formed by Geech Sorensen after years spent playing with a college friend, Keith Gendel of the band Papas Fritas. Electing the help of Eric Herman, Jeff Wright, and Miranda Inganni, they formed Capital City in 1999. After releasing a 4 song EP titled Start Your Own Country, the band would go on to create two singles and an album before going silent in 2003. On Geech Sorensen’s YouTube channel, which features some new music by him, the band’s breakup was confirmed. You can also find his official site here.

TOP 5:

  1. You Went Astray
  2. Drift Away
  3. What I Became
  4. Receiving/Daydreaming
  5. So Upset

The calm vocals, acoustic instrumentals, and melancholy lyrics from Capital City creates a mellow vibe to chill out to after a long day. While this may not be my personal preferred style, I see a lot of potential in this band and absolutely recommend anyone that is even slightly interested in more folky, acoustic sounds to check out their EP. Their whole discography can be found for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. They have CDs and vinyl to purchase as well, available on their Bandcamp.


written Dec. 2023

The pop punk and modern indie inspired sound of Fatehartt was created by Christian Hartt at the height of the pandemic in 2020, New York City. Since then, they’ve independently released new music to a small fan base almost non-stop! Their discography consists of 17 singles and 2 EPs so far, with more to come. The band is self-published under the record label Harttbreak.

TOP 5:

  1. Seance
  2. When You Go
  3. Toxic
  4. Light in the Dark
  5. fxking dead

The distorted guitar, occasionally electronic, hyperpop-esque vocals, and 2000s emo inspired lyrics and sound lend themselves to a truly unique discography that wears its influences on its sleeve. If you enjoy bands like My Chemical Romance, Pierce The Veil, and Mayday Parade, I’d recommend starting with Fatehartt’s newest EP, 21st Century Catastrophe, which features their most popular song, Toxic, as well as a few other absolute bangers. You can also find them here on Linktree.

The Prize Fight

written ~Dec. 2023

This pop-punk band was active from 2002-2006, starting by playing shows in the New England area in 2002. In this short time, they released 3 EPs: a self-titled demo, Words Don’t Mean Anything, and The Process. After the release of Words Don’t Mean Anything in summer 2003, the band went on tour before briefly disbanding due to various personal troubles. In 2006, they got together to make The Process, but have been inactive since then. Their website is defunct, and it’s hard to find much info on the band now, especially their self-titled EP. Thankfully, all their songs including that EP are preserved on YouTube and their Bandcamp, and some on Spotify.

TOP 5:

  1. The Red Light District
  2. The Trainwreck
  3. Another Day, Another Struggle
  4. Wrong From Day One
  5. The Goodnight Kiss

The Prize Fight is very reminiscent of other bands of the era, Mayday Parade and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus in particular. The use of trumpet in their first two albums gave them a unique vibe that I immediately fell in love with after finding Words Don’t Mean Anything at the thrift store.

When you think they’re at their peak, their next EP will prove you wrong. What their final EP lacks in trumpet it makes up for in polish and skill. I would recommend starting with Words Don’t Mean Anything, but absolutely listen through their whole discography. This might have been the hardest Top 5 so far XD